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These projects have been opened by Community Development within the past two weeks. The list includes the following project types: 'Document & Regulation,' 'Entertainment Event,' 'Exemption,' 'Home Occupation,' 'Location and Extent,' 'Rezoning,' 'Seasonal Use,' 'Site Improvement Plan,' 'Special District Service Plan,' 'Subdivision,' 'Use by Special Review,' and 'Variance & Appeals.' For more search options, click on “Advanced Search,” below.
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Project Number Job Type Project Type Project Status Description Title Application Acceptance Date
SB2019-060 P - Subdivision Final Plat Active The applicant proposes 227 single family detached and 18 single family attached townhome lots, totally 245 lots for Filing 5A. Sterling Ranch Filing 5A Sep 11, 2019
SB2019-061 P - Subdivision Administrative Replat Active Roxborough Downs Filing 2 Project Area 11-A
Condo map review for Ramparts at Roxborough II Condominiums Phase 19
Ramparts at Roxborough II Condos, Phase 19 Sep 19, 2019
SB2019-062 P - Subdivision Replat Active This applicant proposes a replat to Sterling Ranch Filing 4C to update easements and dedicate ROW. Sterling Ranch Filing 4c, 2nd Amendment Sep 20, 2019
SP2019-115 P - Site Improvement Plan Modification Closed The applicant proposed a modification to make exterior changes to the townhomes, including the removal of the existing siding. The new exteriors will include a hard coat stucco system. The Pinery Townhouse Development Amended, Lots 2, 4, 6, 8, 10-55, 57, 59, 61, 63, 65, 67, 69, and 71, 1st Modification Sep 11, 2019
SP2019-116 P - Site Improvement Plan Site Improvement Plan Active Request for small cell facility (Zayo for Sprint) Inverness Filing 6, 4th Amendment, Inverness Way South ROW Sep 17, 2019
SP2019-117 P - Site Improvement Plan Modification Active The applicant proposes a modification to the existing Site Improvement Plan to include the removal of a portion of chain link fence, the removal of monument signs and the addition of a new screen wall. South Santa Fe Planned Development, 2nd Amendment, Lot 1A1, 3rd Modification Sep 18, 2019
SP2019-118 P - Site Improvement Plan Modification Active Modification to capture landscape and parking changes to the existing Site Improvement Plan. Changes include the replacement of native seeding with decorative landscaping rock, and the striping of 4 additional parking stalls on the northwest corner of the parking lot. 9009 Clydesdale Rd, 2nd Revision, 1st Modification Sep 19, 2019
US2019-005 P - Use By Special Review Administrative Amendment Active The applicant proposes to covey a portion of an existing parcel of land for a proposed development on the East side of the Pax Christi Church. 5761 McArthur Ranch Rd, 9th Amendment Sep 10, 2019
US2019-006 P - Use By Special Review Original Active Journey Church is asking for an addition to the existing building and parking area. This addition will provide services for over 350 people per service, which requires a Use by Special Review. 9009 Clydesdale Rd Sep 17, 2019
VA2019-009 P - Variance and Appeals Administrative Variance Active Administrative variance to reduce the required setback from the south property line from 25' to 24.2' to accommodate a detached garage. 11461 Pine Dr Sep 18, 2019