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These projects have been opened by Community Development within the past two weeks. The list includes the following project types: 'Document & Regulation,' 'Entertainment Event,' 'Exemption,' 'Home Occupation,' 'Location and Extent,' 'Rezoning,' 'Seasonal Use,' 'Site Improvement Plan,' 'Special District Service Plan,' 'Subdivision,' 'Use by Special Review,' and 'Variance & Appeals.' For more search options, click on “Advanced Search,” below.
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Project Number Job Type Project Type Project Status Description Title Application Acceptance Date
SB2019-075 P - Subdivision Administrative Replat Active Copeland Canyon Condos Phase 19 470 Frontage Company Filing 1, 1st Amendment Dec 6, 2019
SP2019-149 P - Site Improvement Plan Modification Closed Request to relocate ground mounted utility elements for an approved monopine cell site. 2721 S. Ridge Rd, 1st Modification Nov 26, 2019
SP2019-150 P - Site Improvement Plan Site Improvement Plan Active Request for a carwash facility. Highlands Ranch Filing 105A, Lot 11 Dec 4, 2019
SP2019-151 P - Site Improvement Plan Revision Active Request to add a trash receptacle enclosure and snow removal equipment storage enclosure within existing commercial parking lot. Castle Pines Village Filing 10, 3rd Amendment, Lot 2A-1A, 1st Revision Dec 5, 2019
SP2019-152 P - Site Improvement Plan Modification Active Eligible Facilities Request.
AT&T wishes to increase the height of the existing pole from 35' to 44'5", and to increase the diameter of the canister from 18" to 24" in order to install 3 new antennas. The request also includes the installation of 4 new RRH units and additional accessory equipment.
9609F S University Blvd, 1st Modification Dec 4, 2019
SP2019-153 P - Site Improvement Plan Modification Active The applicant is proposing to extend the existing trail as well as construct a retaining wall with a maximum height of 3.5 feet along the trail. Meridian International Business Center Filing 1, 2nd Amendment, Lot 6A-6B, 1st Modification Dec 5, 2019
ZR2019-027 P - Location and Extent Location and Extent Active Request by Silver Heights Water and Sanitation District for a new water storage tank. 4007 Home St. Nov 27, 2019