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These projects have been opened by Community Development within the past two weeks. The list includes the following project types: 'Document & Regulation,' 'Entertainment Event,' 'Exemption,' 'Home Occupation,' 'Location and Extent,' 'Rezoning,' 'Seasonal Use,' 'Site Improvement Plan,' 'Special District Service Plan,' 'Subdivision,' 'Use by Special Review,' and 'Variance & Appeals.' For more search options, click on “Advanced Search,” below.
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Project Number Job Type Project Type Project Status Description Title Application Acceptance Date
DR2020-001 P - Document and Regulation Zoning Map Change Active Applicant proposes a zone map change to bring parcel into compliance with the Douglas County Comprehensive Master Plan El Dorado Acres, Lot 32 Jul 7, 2020
SB2020-041 P - Subdivision Administrative Replat Active Request to adjust plat note #10 to allow for the construction of accessory uses outside of the existing building envelopes. Meridian International Business Center Filing 7D, Lots 50, 55 and 56 Jul 1, 2020
SB2020-043 P - Subdivision Preliminary Plan Active Request is to add 37 single-family dwelling units to Reata South (AKA Colorado Golf Club) Reata South Preliminary Plan Filing 1, 5th Revision Jul 10, 2020
SP2020-049 P - Site Improvement Plan Modification Closed Modification to the approved Site Improvement Plan to expand the existing pool deck, replace the ADA ramp, and install new sidewalk and bike parking pad at clubhouse. Highlands Ranch Filing 63A, 1st Modification Jul 6, 2020
SP2020-051 P - Site Improvement Plan Revision Active Request to revise an existing car wash facility and add a dog wash component Province Center Filing 1A, 2nd Amendment, Lot A-2, 1st Revision Jul 8, 2020
SP2020-052 P - Site Improvement Plan Modification Active Applicant is proposing a SIP Modification to allow for a new 9X22 patio with roof. Meridian International Business Center Filing 7F, Lot 19, 1st Revision, 2nd Modification Jul 10, 2020
US2020-009 P - Use By Special Review Amendment Active Request to make revisions to an existing religious retreat and add a campground, event center, and cultural facility to the property 676 N County Highway 67, 2nd Amendment Jul 7, 2020