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These projects have been opened by Community Development within the past two weeks. The list includes the following project types: 'Document & Regulation,' 'Entertainment Event,' 'Exemption,' 'Home Occupation,' 'Location and Extent,' 'Rezoning,' 'Seasonal Use,' 'Site Improvement Plan,' 'Special District Service Plan,' 'Subdivision,' 'Use by Special Review,' and 'Variance & Appeals.' For more search options, click on “Advanced Search,” below.
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Project Number Job Type Project Type Project Status Description Title Application Acceptance Date
DR2019-001 P - Document and Regulation Document and Regulation Active Amendment to Urbanized Growth Area definition Matters of State Interest Regulations Amendment Mar 19, 2019
EE2019-002 P - Entertainment Event Minor Active Request for a one day event benefiting Sedalia Elementary 4723 Iron Horse Trail Mar 11, 2019
SB2019-011 P - Subdivision Replat Active Request to vacate public right of way, establish a thirty-foot access easement, and reconfigure 3 single family residential lots Bald Mountain Estates, 1st Amd Mar 11, 2019
SB2019-012 P - Subdivision Preliminary Plan Active Request for 138 single family detached lots Meridian International Business Center Filing 7C, 5th Amd Mar 15, 2019
SB2019-013 P - Subdivision Administrative Replat Active Request to amend building envelope to allow for swimming pool and spa Pinery Filing 23 A, Lot 2 Mar 18, 2019
SB2019-014 P - Subdivision Administrative Replat Active Copeland Canyon Condos Phase 14 470 Frontage Co. Filing 1, 1st Amd Mar 19, 2019
SP2019-035 P - Site Improvement Plan Modification Closed Request to remove windows and doors from the existing structure, add a screened chiller, and add a ramp with a door. Compark Filing 3, 2nd Amd, Lot 2A-2, 5th Mod Mar 18, 2019
SP2019-036 P - Site Improvement Plan Modification Active The applicant wishes to add new vinyl to the front building facade. 800 S Wilcox, 2nd Mod Mar 20, 2019
VA2019-003 P - Variance and Appeals Administrative Variance Active The applicant is requesting an Administrative Variance to reduce the north setback from 100' to 63.9' to accommodate a barn. 6395 Lake Gulch Road Mar 12, 2019
ZR2019-009 P - Rezoning Rezoning Active The applicant proposes a rezone from Rural Residential (RR) to General Industrial (GI) to allow for storage of construction materials, products, and equipment. Currently, the property is being used as a residence with GI uses. 10300 Wildfield Lane Mar 19, 2019