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These projects have been opened by Community Development within the past two weeks. The list includes the following project types: 'Document & Regulation,' 'Entertainment Event,' 'Exemption,' 'Home Occupation,' 'Location and Extent,' 'Rezoning,' 'Seasonal Use,' 'Site Improvement Plan,' 'Special District Service Plan,' 'Subdivision,' 'Use by Special Review,' and 'Variance & Appeals.' For more search options, click on “Advanced Search,” below.
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Project Number Job Type Project Type Project Status Description Title Application Acceptance Date
EE2024-003 P - Entertainment Event Minor Active Request for a Minor Entertainment Event permit for a Rock the Ranch musical event at Zuma's Rescue Ranch. 7745 Moore Rd May 14, 2024
LE2024-018 P - Location and Extent Location and Extent Active Request for development of a community park in Sterling Ranch. Sterling Ranch Filing 6B, Tract X May 23, 2024
SB2024-029 P - Subdivision Administrative Replat Active Condo map review for Stonegate Commons Condominiums - Building 64. Stonegate Filing 22, 9th Amendment, Lot 64A May 14, 2024
SB2024-030 P - Subdivision Minor Development Residential Active Request to subdivide parcel into 2 single family residential lots. Adragna May 15, 2024
SB2024-031 P - Subdivision Administrative Replat Active Request to adjust residential building envelope Pinery Filing 28A, Lot 1 May 17, 2024
SB2024-032 P - Subdivision Administrative Replat Active Request to correct notes and line work related to Lot 22 and 23 access points. Bear Ridge May 20, 2024
SB2024-033 P - Subdivision Administrative Replat Active Technical Plat Correction to correct length of the south lot line of Lot 192-A. Cielo Filing 1 May 24, 2024
SP2024-041 P - Site Improvement Plan Revision Active Request for a clothing donation drop-off facility Highlands Ranch Filing 127A, 4th Amendment, Lot 8A-1, 1st Revision May 14, 2024
SP2024-042 P - Site Improvement Plan Site Improvement Plan Active Request to install six poles for license plate readers within the Pradera Parkway and East Bayou Gulch Rights of Way Douglas County ROW, - Pradera Parkway and Bayou Gulch Road May 17, 2024
SU2024-001 P - Seasonal Use Seasonal Use Active Discount Fireworks, 2530 E County Line Rd Highlands Ranch Filing 16, Lot 3 May 20, 2024
SU2024-002 P - Seasonal Use Seasonal Use Active Davey Jones Fireworks of CO Inc., 2550 E County Line Rd Highlands Ranch Filing 16, Lot 4 May 22, 2024
US2024-008 P - Use By Special Review Administrative Amendment Active Request to replace two light fixtures at existing church. 10595 Newlin Gulch Blvd, 7th Amendment May 21, 2024
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