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Job Title: 922 I Pawnee Trail, 3rd Modification
Description: Eligible Facilities Request.
XtreamInternet requests the removal of 5 existing antennas at 34', the installation of 3 new antennas at the same height, and the installation of 8 new horn antennas at 80'. New equipment installation also includes stand off arms at 80'.
File Number: SP2020-034
Status: Closed
Acceptance Date: Apr 06, 2020
Final Action Date: Apr 08, 2020
Final Action Outcome: Approved
Completed: Apr 08, 2020
Staff Contacts:
Staff Type Name Email Address Phone
Planning Caitlin Zeiler (   )   -    
Applicant Information:
Marketing Name: XtreamInternet, Inc.
Applicant Acreage:
Related Parcel Acres: 38.1730
Zoning District:
Authorized Representative:
Name: John Rasure
Phone Number: 9703055855
Mailing Address: XtreamInternet, LLC
4064 Opportunity Drive
Castle Rock, CO 80109
Address: 1265 EVALENA RD
CASTLE ROCK, CO 801088447
Property Information:
Account Number: R0428594
SPN: 2351-233-00-045
Location Description: TRACT IN SW1/4 23-7-67 38.173 AM/L