Site Improvement Plan - Modification (SP2020-029) FAQ  -  Help
Job Title: 9001 E Parker Rd, 1st Revision, 1st Modification
Description: Eligible Facilities Request.
AT&T requests the replacement of 6 antennas, 9 RRH units, and 6 TMAs. The request also includes the addition of 6 new TMAs, as well as accessory equipment and cabling. There will be no increase in height.
File Number: SP2020-029
Status: Closed
Acceptance Date: Mar 27, 2020
Final Action Date: Apr 30, 2020
Final Action Outcome: Approved
Completed: Apr 30, 2020
Staff Contacts:
Staff Type Name Email Address Phone
Planning Eric Pavlinek (303)814-4377
Applicant Information:
Marketing Name: AT&T
Applicant Acreage:
Related Parcel Acres: 30.1360
Zoning District:
Authorized Representative:
Name: Lorelei Foronda
Phone Number: 8587542151
Mailing Address: MD7, LLC
10590 W Ocean Air Drive, Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92130
Address: PO BOX 840 SUITE 400
DENVER, CO 802010840
Property Information:
Account Number: R0445956
SPN: 2235-182-00-001
Location Description: STATE ASSESSED PROPERTY LOCATED IN W1/2W1/2 18-6-65 30.136 AM/L LSP 3670