Open Data

Redefining Transparency in Douglas County

By leveraging public data as a strategic community asset and providing it as a service, we are building solutions to make government data accessible, useful, and personally relevant to the citizens and businesses in Douglas County.

Open Data Services

Welcome to the Douglas County Open Data products portal. Below are the current and planned data products that have been created and released through this initiative.

Download a printable brochure is our primary catalog of publicly available tabular data. Here you will find the data that underpins many of the data products we provide; as well as tools to chart, graph, visualize, and create data views that are specific to your needs.

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Analyze Douglas County

Analyze Douglas County includes detailed information on the County Budget, Expenditures, and Fund Balances in an easy to use, intuitive interface.

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DougCoConnect is a parcel-centric data mapping and visualization tool that allows users to dive into County data to find trends and insights on the properties within Douglas County.

Douglas County Outdoors

Find a favorite or seek a new place to explore - the Douglas County Outdoors application lists hundreds of miles of trails out there to hike, bike or explore on horseback.

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GIS Open Data Site

The GIS Services Team develops and produces standard maps that are available for internal (Douglas County Departments) and external customers. A wide range of standard maps are available, including transportation, land use, political, geologic, and other information.

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