Building Permit Details
Permit Number: 18-01266
Permit Status: Completed
Permit Type: Building
Project Type: Residential
Description of Work: RS - Custom
Scope of Work: New
Issued Date: 04/23/2018
CO Issue Date: 02/19/2021
Plans Examiner: Anthony Petty
Building Code: 2012 IRC
Scheduled Inspections
Name Date Scheduled Estimated Time of Inspection
Engineering Letters
Engineering Letters will be listed below if they are required for your project. They must be submitted before scheduling above ground inspections.
Required Engineering Letters Received Date
Caisson/Footer/WG Letter 05/10/2018
Steel Letter 05/10/2018
Survey 12/20/2018
Inspection History
Name Date Occurred Result Inspector Name Inspection Comments Meter Release Inspection Report
Driveway Preliminary 02/16/2018 Approved Jill Welle
Drywall 02/20/2019 Approved Rich Garrett  
Electric Service Equipment 12/13/2018 Disapproved Justin Lett See scanned ticket  
Electric Service Equipment 12/21/2018 Approved Justin Lett Splices ok and DB rated IREA 12/24/2018
Electric Service Equipment Partial 12/14/2018 Approved Justin Lett Panels at house ok-good to transfer. Leave hole open to inspect splices. Have docs on site listed for Dir Burial  
Electric Trench 12/03/2018 Approved Justin Lett 4/0urd w/#2 egc
1/0 urd w/#4 egc
Both sets house to service S of shop
Exterior Underground Gas Line 12/19/2018 Approved Rich Garrett  
Exterior Wall Sheathing 08/08/2018 Approved Rich Garrett  
Final Building 02/04/2021 Disapproved Rich Garrett Finish chimney
Concentric vent at attic furnace
Self closing fire doors stairs
Handrail bsmt stairs
Tempering device mstr tub
Cap off open line at gas manifold
Insulate attic
Final Building 02/11/2021 Approved Clayton Rodeback  
Final Driveway 02/17/2021 Approved Jill Welle
Final Electric 02/04/2021 Disapproved Justin Lett 1. Soffit receps to have WR type recep and damp rated covers-provide ladder to test 2. Need access to all garage walls to test receps as well as ladder to access ceiling receps 3. Label kit circuits by location 4. Hood wiring incomplete 5. Attic furnace switch required to be indicating and label 6. Ejector and sump receps require GFCI protection 7. Label all breakers in sub 8. Label breakers for furnaces by location 9. Max 90A on #2 SER  
Final Electric 02/11/2021 Disapproved Justin Lett 1. Soffit recep switch requires AFCI protection per 210.12 2. Attic furnace disconnect switch required to be of the indicating type per 422.35 (Single pole toggle type)  
Final Electric 02/17/2021 Approved Jeremy Bock -permit card not on site  
Final Energy Compliance 02/17/2021 Approved Jeremy Bock 14" attic insulation-blown in
-permit card not onsite
Insulation Thermal 02/06/2019 Cancelled Rich Garrett not ready  
Insulation Thermal 02/08/2019 Disapproved Rich Garrett insulate rims check all  
Insulation Thermal 02/12/2019 Approved Rich Garrett  
Interior Gas Line 12/12/2018 Approved Rich Garrett  
Preliminary Defensible Space 02/16/2018 Approved Jill Welle
Roof Truss 09/28/2018 Approved Rich Garrett  
Rough Electric 12/21/2018 Disapproved Justin Lett See scanned ticket  
Rough Electric 12/28/2018 Approved Justin Lett  
Rough Energy Compliance 12/28/2018 Disapproved Rich Garrett foam elect boxes at ext walls & open to attic  
Rough Energy Compliance 01/28/2019 Disapproved Rich Garrett seal @ all ext penetrations as noted on previous insp  
Rough Energy Compliance 01/29/2019 Approved Rich Garrett  
Rough Frame 12/28/2018 Disapproved Rich Garrett install FP--squash block fam rm header  
Rough Frame 01/28/2019 Approved Rich Garrett  
Shower Pan 06/25/2020 Approved Rich Garrett  
Ufer Ground Electrode 05/11/2018 Approved Wayne Elmore Engineer letter  
Underground Plumbing 05/31/2018 Approved Rich Garrett  
Weather Resistive Barrier 09/28/2018 Approved Rich Garrett