Building Permit Details
Permit Number: 02-3745
Permit Status: Completed
Permit Type: Building
Project Type: Accessory Use
Description of Work: AU - Other
Scope of Work: New
Issued Date: 10/25/2002
CO Issue Date:
Plans Examiner:
Job Address: 9268 S PERRY PARK RD LARKSPUR, CO 80118
Building Code:
Scheduled Inspections
Name Date Scheduled Estimated Time of Inspection
Engineering Letters
Engineering Letters will be listed below if they are required for your project. They must be submitted before scheduling above ground inspections.
Required Engineering Letters Received Date
Caisson/Footer/WG Letter 09/26/2002
Steel Letter 09/26/2002
Inspection History
Name Date Occurred Result Inspector Name Inspection Comments Meter Release Inspection Report
Electric Service Equipment 10/28/2002 Disapproved Troy Meissner No Comment  
Electric Service Equipment 11/15/2002 Disapproved Troy Meissner PARTIAL/MR OK  
Electric Service Equipment 01/02/2003 Approved Troy Meissner NO MR REQ IREA 11/18/2002
Electric Trench 10/28/2002 Approved Troy Meissner  
Final Electric 01/02/2003 Approved Troy Meissner  
Footer 09/26/2002 Approved unknown FOOTER LETTER |LI NA|  
Rough Electric 10/28/2002 Disapproved Troy Meissner PARTIAL  
Rough Electric 11/15/2002 Disapproved Troy Meissner PARTIAL  
Rough Electric 01/02/2003 Approved Troy Meissner  
Steel 09/26/2002 Approved unknown STEEL LETTER |LI NA|