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A Contractor is required to renew registration and keep insurance policies in effect for the period of the registration. No permits may be obtained, nor may work already under permit be continued if renewal of registration and the required insurance policies are not maintained. You can print registration information below.
Contractor Name: UNICOLORADO LLC
Address: 2700 W EVANS AVE #100 DENVER, CO 80219
Liability Certificate Expiration: 06/11/2025
Workers' Comp Certificate Expiration: Not Required
Registration Number Type Status Expiration Date
A170321 General A Current 07/19/2025
MA170322 Mechanical A Current 07/19/2025
Associated Permits
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Permit Number Issue Date Description of Work Status
18-05621 06/20/2018 Furnace/AC Combo Completed
19-00948 01/31/2019 Furnace (Forced Air) Completed
20-01004 02/08/2020 Furnace/AC/Water Heater Combo Completed
21-07749 08/02/2021 Furnace/AC Combo Completed
24-04592 04/01/2024 Air Conditioner Completed
24-09597 06/17/2024 Furnace/AC Combo Issued